Learn how to live a vibrant, happy, energetic and active life.... for your whole life!
It’s confusing out there. Every day we hear something about health and wellness that either conflicts with what we thought we knew or is something we just aren’t doing. The Wellness Solution guides you through all the urban legends and just plain misinformation that is being promoted today as health and wellness. The Wellness Solution is 12-month course
that is designed to help people know what they need in order to promote wellness and to improve their health and their family’s health, year after year over the course of their lives. Our mission is to not only help people live longer, but also improve the quality of their lives. This information will help everyone from newborns to the elderly and whether you are already sick or an Olympic athlete. Join us in this journey to build on your health and enjoy every day of your life!
There are 12 monthly educational classes with implementation strategies that are open to everyone, all year around, 24 hrs a day that cover the following subjects.
1.    Health and Wellness Defined  
What true health and wellness are and how to define each It’s hard to know if you have achieved health and wellness if you can’t describe it or know it when you see it. We will also explore what the absence of health and wellness looks like and how it’s taking a toll on our world. There will also be a chance for you to measure your wellness and give it a score. This score will change and improve as you move through the other modules and begin to implement the tools in each section.

2.    Are you healthy?  Let’s test it!  Create Your Health Vision
o    The 3 biggest killers in the US. Are they genetic? Can you prevent them?
o    Epigenetics: What is it and how can this understanding save your life?
o    Metabolic typing: determine what foods you should be eating.
o    We will walk you through some exciting ways to measure your wellness and give it a score.  It’s hard to know if you are truly well without some measuring tools.
o    Your health and wellness score should improve as you move through the other modules and you begin to implement the tools in each section.
o   You will learn how to create a vision and plan for implementing real health and wellness in your life.
o    We will teach you how to visualize your health and tap into the mind-body connection to transform your health and wellness consciousness.
o    It’s the tools in this module that will ensure your success throughout the whole Wellness Solution Program and through the rest of your life.
3.   Exercise and Nutrition Fundamentals  
  o   You will get started on a specialized fitness program teaching you the fundamentals. o    We will give you an exercise video to follow on our site or download to your computer for daily viewing. o   We will also go over the fundamentals of a healthy nutritional program. We will let you know whether you should you start out eliminating the “bad” things or adding in the “good” things?
4.    Turn Toxicities and Deficiencies into Purity and Sufficiency
o    How environmental toxicity and nutritional deficiencies have likely been sabotaging your health and wellness. o    How to create purity and sufficiency. o    You’ll be surprised at how the standard American diet (S.A.D.) is poisoning the country. o    Wellness at home, what is killing you in your cabinets (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and yard)?
5.    Supplements, Medications and Diseases
o    Continuing our discussion from module 4, we will take a much more in-depth examination into the nutritional side of health and wellness as it relates to nutritional supplements and vitamins. o    What supplements does the body need? o    We will also look at the many facets and issues with medications. o    Why changing lifestyle improves health and wellness often times eliminating the need for medications thus eliminating medication side-effects. o    What are the 3 most common diseases and how to prevent or reverse them. o    What causes chronic inflammation? o    Diabetes: Can it be reversed? Learn how people have done just that!
6.    Diet and Nutrition  
o    Proper diet and nutrition as it pertains to foods. o    What diet is good and what is not. There is a lot of conflicting information out there surrounding diet.  We will take an honest look at what the best science has to say about what we should be eating and not eating. o    After completing this module you will better understand why Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”
7.    Cleanse Your Body
o    Learn how the body can become toxic and why a proper body cleanse can jumpstart your health and wellness. o    Why is it hard for some to lose weight, while others can do it in their sleep? o    We will give you the most up-to-date scientific approach to the body cleanse with instructions on how to go about it and how often. o    Many nutritional deficiencies can start due to a slow and sluggish liver, kidney and intestinal system. o    Acid-Alkaline balance, how is it important in health?
8.    Eating well – Recipes and Ideas
o    Join us in this module as we explore the eating well aspect of health and wellness. o    We will give you a much deeper insight into this dimension of health while providing great recipes and ideas. o    How to get your kids to eat right. o    How to eat well while eating out.
9.    Exercise
o    Exercise is undoubtedly important in a wellness lifestyle, but where do you start? o    In this module we have put together a clear-cut scientific overview of exercise as it relates to health and what type of exercise our bodies were designed for. o    We have included a full length functional movement exercise video that was created exclusively for the Wellness Solution Program!
10.    Stress and the Mind Body Connection
o    We live our lives in three dimensions: physical, biochemical and emotional. o    Though our bodies are designed to adapt to the environment, too much stress for too long in any of these dimensions is the root cause of all disease and sickness. o    In this module we will discuss how stress in the emotional dimension can affect our health o    3 secrets to stress management. o    Simple and real strategies to reduce or even eliminate emotional stress.  We will explore the mind-body connection and give you a deeper appreciation for this interconnection.
11.    Live our lives through our nervous system
o    Our bodies interface with the world through our nervous system. o    All incoming stimulus and environmental change is received and filtered through our nervous system.  Our nervous system then produces the appropriate adaptation and change in our bodies. o    This beautiful exchange of information between the brain and body and body and brain is what keeps us alive, adaptable to the environment and healthy.  Any breakdown in this communication can be devastating to our health. o    Join us in this module as we explore, in a simple and easy to understand way, how this master control system known as our nervous system works.
12.    Finding your purpose and Personal Development
o    Purpose is everything.  It answers the question of what job you should have, should you get married, and your involvement in your community and the world. o    Without purpose we have no compass or way to navigate life’s choices. o    Without a clear purpose, life just seems to “happen” to us.  Discovering your purpose will truly change your life and give you that compass. o    In this module we will help you discover YOUR purpose and give you personal development tools to play the game of life in a much bigger and profound way. o    Mind Power – can you control it and how.  What is it? o    The Law of Attraction – how to make it work for you.